ACHB_e-magazin4-15_2N_Oldrich_Stejskal-Interview with Ing. Oldřich Stejskal, who has worked in the company 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. for 24 years. In 1991, he became its first employee, and after experience in various positions, he was named General Director of the company in 2013. He won the award “1,000 leaders CZ”.

We ask him about the development of the company, the advantages and exceptionalness of 2N IP door and security intercom systems, and on further top products in their portfolio. We learned which export territories are crucial for 2N, what steps led to the company’s success, and how 2N Telekomunikace differs from other companies in the field.


The activity of 2N focuses on its own development, manufacture and sales. How long have you been on the market and when did you first introduce door intercoms?

2N was founded in 1991 by three Czech partners. In the first decades, the company fought its way to the top three suppliers of PBX systems on the Czech market. The next decade involved expansion onto the global market with GSM gates, and in recent years we have focused on the area of security, access control and audio. Our vision is to become the market leader for IP intercoms in the USA and Europe by 2018. We developed the first door communicator in 1993 as an accessory for our PBX systems. In 2008, we were the first in the world to introduce to the market the IP video intercom Helios Vario, which is still selling successfully along with a wide assortment of newer types for various environments and uses, with a specific design.


How are 2N door intercoms exceptional, what advantages do they have and what do they bring the user?

We want to be the best in three areas:

test odolnostiSecurity – our intercoms have a group of properties and functions unique to the world that provide security of persons, buildings, but also IT infrastructure, and resistance against weather conditions, vandalism and the industrial environment. It is a comprehensive system that we have termed the 2N Security Shield.

Interoperability – we only use standard interfaces and open communication protocols, we carefully test all our products for excellent cooperation with other producers from telco, security, CCTV, home auto a access control.
2N products are therefore very easily integrated into third party systems,
and provide the customer with high utility value.

2n testUser friendliness – 2N intercoms are lovely, we care for the design of our products in terms of appearance and used materials. We want control and use to be both simple and utterly intuitive. Our customers include technicians who install and program devices, so we try to save them as much time as possible and make their job easier.

Test report on resistance IK to intercoms of the series 2N IP Helios (PDF)
You can also see performance tests done in somewhat unorthodox fashion by clicking here (video)


What are the other “stars” in your product portfolio?

The flagship of our portfolio is Helios VERSO, the latest modular IP intercom with HD video camera, NFC with biometric reader, electronic button labels, induction loop for the hearing impaired and many other modules and elements placed in a luxurious metal design. Another star is the universal Android unit with touch display for communicating with our intercoms and universal use e.g. in home automation or in controlling the audio system. You can find other successful 2N intercoms in nearly every Czech elevator or Delicomat coffee vending machine. In past years, we have invested heavily and today we have at our disposal a prospective and very strong product portfolio, which you can see for yourself at


ACHB_exportni-cena-150x150You won the prestigious award of global exporter of 2014 and even scored the previous year. Which of the foreign markets are your main ones?

We have won several awards in the competition Exporter of the Year over the years, mostly in the category of export to the largest number of countries. In 2013, we exported to 138 countries around the world. With a change to the product portfolio, we are concentrating now on modern markets in North America and Europe.


Can you share with us the main steps that led to the company’s success?

In its early days, this was certainly its focus on small and medium-sized companies and its offer of highly versatile, fast, comfortable communication in the company, which provides substantial savings on telephone fees. The breaking point was the exhibition Cebit in 2000, entrance to foreign markets and relating transformation from a purely Czech company to a global one. In terms of products, this was most certainly timely and uncompromising orientation on the IP environment. We had to painfully part with standard and known technologies and, at great speed and expense, to learn the Internet protocol and environment. Thanks to this, our products now offer utterly unique utility value and advantages, which our competitors cannot implement in the classic way.



How do you stand out from your competitors in the field?ACHB_e-magazin4-15_2N_Oldrich_Stejskal

I hold our corporate culture in very high esteem. Our goal is for our people to enjoy working for 2N and be happy, and for their work to be a pleasure. We cultivate friendly and open communication. The company is utterly transparent in all of its results, and everyone can see what is going well and what is not, publicly in the team we present the results of work of each of us. I am convinced that our main difference and advantage come from the people working for 2N, and who apply their best ideas and skills into our products and services.