Mr. Pavel Mizera, SAMSUNG

Pavel Mizera is a specialist working for Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, s.r.o. as its Content Manager. He graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague ČVUT, majoring in electrical engineering and information technology. He then went on to study at Erasmus University College Brussels in Belgium, majoring in sales and marketing communication.

After working in Panasonic as its TV Product Manager, he decided to join Samsung SmartTV to help turn it into the leader in the CR/SK in the field of local applications. Now in Samsung, he is responsible not only for SmartTV content, but also for content in tablets and telephones, smart watches and virtual reality Gear VR for the Czech Slovak Republics respectively.

Interwiev with Mr. Pavel Mizera, SAMSUNG


Samsung Electronics has been on the market since 1968, and in that time, it has built a wide portfolio of products in the area of consumer electronics, IT and mobile communications, and specific solutions for devices. What specific products may we encounter in an intelligent home?

You are right, in nearly 50 years of its existence, Samsung has strongly contributed to how we use technology today, even within the intelligent home. If we speak of solutions available on the Czech market, it suffices the user to have the most ordinary equipment that we have today in the home: A smart TV, tablet or smart mobile phone.

Any of these devices can serve as a controller of individual units in the smart home, e.g. heating, security or adjusting light intensity. A major advantage is that the devices are substitutable, so every member of the family can have a smart home as they say under his or her thumb.


Smart TVs, telephones and tablets have become the key elements for controlling smart homes. Therefore, in the Czech Republic and in cooperation with ELKO EP, you have developed the first application for wireless control of the household from a Smart TV. What makes this application exceptional?

The first application for control of a home from Smart TV Samsung

The first application for control of a home from Smart TV Samsung

Its uniqueness, not only in the Czech Republic, but also on a European level, lies in the previously mentioned substitutability. As far as I know, no platform exists that would enable control of a smart home from a Smart TV and mobile devices simultaneously. If I make a change for instance using the Smart TV, it immediately appears also in my smart phone and tablet.

I can control e.g. outdoor shutters not only with the wall controller or in the application iNELS Home Control in the Smart TV, but also by means of an application in my smart phone or tablet. When I forget to pull down the blinds when leaving home, no problem, I can get it done easily even from a vacation abroad. Users therefore gain much greater freedom and are not bound to using just one static controller.

Illustrative video for controlling the home from a Smart TV Samsung.



Last year you launched a new series of SUHD curved TVs on the market. In what way are they different and what are their advantages? Will the smart TV even replace a computer in the future?

Samsung is a pioneer in the field of televisions with ultra HD resolution. The so-called 4K TVs offer today’s highest possible screen resolution. This year however, we improved this technology even further, so we are introducing the technology SUHD. This uses a nanocrystal semiconductor, which brings a more realistic and vivid display of the color spectrum. Thanks to the 10-bit panel, SUHD TVs are capable of bringing 64 times more colors than ordinary LED televisions.

The curve SUHD Smart TV Samsung

The curve SUHD Smart TV Samsung

Development of television broadcasting in UHD quality is still not here yet, but our televisions are equipped with the function for remastering the image to UHD quality. Another novelty is the new operating system Tizen, which made the televisions even faster, and offers many more options of interaction than ever before.

The trend of curved televisions appeared for the first time last year, and this year they will become much stronger, as seen in our offer. The main advantage of curved TVs is that viewers are more deeply immersed in what they’re watching and are better surrounded by the screen. It is a similar effect as in the cinema.

In recent years, the TV industry has brought a series of new functions and technological improvements, but I do not think that a smart TV will replace a PC, but will rather complement the possibilities of PCs, telephones and tablets.

Today already, we can display the space of your mobile phone / tablet on a Smart TV or watch videos on it from YouTube or, films from and HBO GO, or read the latest news thanks to the application

Vimeo – Interview with Pavel Mizera on the topic of the Samsung Smart TV



In the series “Building a Smart Home”, we can see how Samsung devices are connected with the system iNELS Smart home solutions. Is it possible to connect Samsung devices also to other intelligent systems?

Samsung devices can also be connected into other intelligent systems, but only iNELS Smart home solution brings users full control over all elements connected in the smart home, and compatibility and expandability of the entire system on into the future.

The entire system moreover is designed universally, and does not force the buyer to buy all devices from one brand, so if you want to, you have the option of combining various appliances and units from various producers. Of course Samsung smart TVs offer not only a top quality image but also the advantage of controlling the household thanks to the application iNELS Home control. Tablets and telephones together with SmartTVs thus form a strong trio not only in controlling but also in sharing content (pics, songs, movies,..).



You mentioned universality, but also a new operating system in the Smart TV. Should I as a user fear such changes – will migrating to another operating system mean the end of control via the Smart TV?

Application for Smart TV Samsung

Application for Smart TV Samsung

Definitely not. A major advantage of the Tizen OS is its very smooth transition from older applications to a new platform. Equally, we provide consultation and support to all developers upon migration of their applications.

Therefore all users may relax, safe in the knowledge that by buying a new TV, they will not lose the option of controlling their smart home using their new TV.




So far we’ve been talking about a Smart TV and mobile devices. What direction do you think the smart home vision could take in the future?

For now, the Czech Republic is not a large enough market for all Samsung “smart” products to appear. The first among these is the washing machine, which can be controlled via a special application from the smart phone or tablet. For now, laundry still has to be loaded into the washer by hand  🙂

The concept of a smart home, which we know for example from Korea, includes other smart appliances such as refrigerators or AC units. Control is then performed not only via mobile phone, but also through the ever-more popular smart watches. Generally speaking, the category of so-called wearables will play an increasingly more important role in controlling the smart home.


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