Pan-Marek-Gut-200x300BaSys CS, s.r.o. is a leading international distribution company in the area of electronics. It focuses on sophisticated products for home entertainment and professional use as well as products for use in automobiles.

BaSys CS, s.r.o. is involved in the segment of smart homes mainly through the areas of top AV technology, designing and implementing sound systems for rooms and complex implementations of private theaters – i.e. a true home cinema. It is the official importer of products of world-renowned brands such as Pioneer, Bose, LOEWE, Marantz, Cabasse, ELAC, Monster Cable and Neutrik, which can be controlled through applications or incorporated into the system of intelligent home management.

Interwiev with Mr. Marek Gut, BaSys CS




You have concentrated on audio / video devices for several years now, and you have worked your way up to become the exclusive distributors of world-renowned, prestigious brands. Could you briefly summarize the development of your company?

BaSys was founded in 1990. At the start, its business concerned import of the brands Pioneer and BOSE. Later, distribution was expanded to further brands, which enhance the prestigious portfolio of luxury electronics imported by BaSys and complement one another.

BaSys decided in 2000 to build its own network of representative stores at These stores, which mainly focus on sale of brands imported by the company, have offered the client right from the start complete solutions for outfitting properties with high-quality brand name electronics. They of course offer all services, from project design to installation.




What is key for successful implementation of your project, and what types of installations do you perform most frequently?

A key factor for successful implementation is sufficient preparation beforehand.
For us, it is often necessary for the client to address us in time, and we would be able to implement the project and take care of the entire contract from the very start of the construction. We most often implement multiroom sound systems and private cinemas.






What were the first and main impulses for expanding your services in the area of private cinemas? What are the conditions for creating such a home theater?

We have been producing private cinemas for over four years. The main impulse was our effort to constantly adjust to the market and perfect our services.

We are capable of implementing classic living space as well, where acoustic modification is necessary. Of course what’s ideal is a room that can be used only as a private cinema, whereas dimensions of this room are not fixed.

The minimum sized room that we recommend is 16 m2. The most frequently expanded private cinemas measure from 24 to 40 m2. The private cinema in this house serves as a multipurpose room.





What has interested you personally in the private cinema?

We sell not only products, but mainly entertainment and emotions.
Private cinemas provide quality sound and a large screening area. When applying quality products linked to intelligent control, our private cinemas seem to me like a childhood dream.

Sometimes when the cinema show is over I say that it could not have played any better.




Is it possible to look back and find when the first cinema came about, or what was behind the origin of cinemas?

The first cinema emerged around 1890 in France. The motive behind the origin of the cinemas and development of cinematography in general was of course given by the development of individual technologies, and mainly the need for people to be entertained. The first music in cinemas was live, often involving just piano accompaniment.

Our theaters are equipped with the sound system DOLBY ATMOS, where we use nine speakers and two base modules. This makes for a truly unique experience, from today’s view incomparable in terms of the quality of both image and sound to the year 1890.

Thank you for the interview.

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