ACHB_avmedia_DJakubecInterview with Mr. David Jakubec, product manager of the company AV MEDIA, a.s. for the segment of intelligent homes and a specialist in AV / IT technologies with CTS certification and over 18 years experience in the field.

We asked him about his work in AV MEDIA a.s. in the area of smart living and their concept Home4Life. You will learn what to pay increased attention to when planning a smart home, what customers are most interested in and what flawed impressions the integrator must encounter. Here you will also find good advice at the end.



The company AV MEDIA, a.s. is mainly focused on audiovisual and presentation technology in various segments. What brought you to concentrate on the area of smart homes?

First customers came to us with their requirements for designing a solution for a home theater with screen and projector. Gradually this came to include demands for integration of lighting, heating and cooling regulation, security, etc.

We have handled this and even more complex integrations in the past in other segments, so it seemed logical to bring this concept to the smart home segment. We are here for those who prefer a custom-made solution and personal approach to individual requirements.


In the area of households, AV MEDIA, a.s. offers the smart living concept “Home4Life”. Can you tell us something about it?

ACHB_logo_home4lifeThe more electronics that come into the home, the more complicated and complex their control becomes. We learned to provide the user with a simple graphic interface, which visualizes the most frequently used functions or series of functions at the touch of a single button. The user then handles service without a manual and with brief training.

The solution Home4Life is comprised of four technological pillars (Comfort, Security, Savings and Entertainment), which are combined into a single controller (tablet, smartphone or system touch panel). The user thus has available a unified interface to control the home from anywhere. We respect the lifestyle of our clients and we do not force them to adjust to what the electronics manufacturer directs. Here you can watch the video Home4Life.


What are customers interested in in terms of smart living?

Many customers ask about service life. Most are building one house for life, and they want the system to last and be sustainable, or perhaps expandable.

Another frequent question concerns the operational reliability and consequent service in case of malfunction. We can react to both of these questions especially by selecting quality suppliers and quality products. We work together exclusively with verified suppliers, who have some history on the market, and on whom we know we can rely.

We arrange service through dispatching, which receives the requirements for service 24/7 with the option of making a service call by the next working day from seven different branches in the CR. If the client is really demanding and wants us to be available to him non-stop, we are happy to offer this service for a fee.


Do you have valuable experience with intelligent electrical installation projects and their implementation? Can you tell us what we must pay extra attention to?

ACHB_avmedia_projektyIn our projects, the electrical installation is the founding pillar of the smart home. We therefore place emphasis on careful elaboration of the electrical wiring project, to capture the existing and future requirements of the client. The entire process of implementing the smart home starts with quality design documents. We have a team of expert designers for whom every project is a personal calling card, and they  play their part conscientiously.

If customers select us to be a partner in the implementation, we see to 100% cooperation with them and with other professions. We want to earn the client’s trust and in turn we guarantee that we will meet his expectations. I would like to point out to those wanting to build a smart home to bring in their project in time before start of construction. Only then can the designer materialize your ideas.


Do you often encounter prejudices and flawed suppositions in relation to resolving smart living?

Perhaps the most frequent question is the price. Today, this is the most important decisive criterion for most customers. In this direction, the Internet is rich in information and guaranteed calculators for the smart electrical installation. Unfortunately this information is oftentimes distorted and incorrect. The client comes prepared for some level of investment, and is unpleasantly surprised that the price does not include a series of further components, cables and services.

Another frequent impression customers have is that the smart home is some product in a box that the builder installs, the customer gets the instruction manual and that’s about it. Almost every time we have to explain to customers that the smart home is individual and each project is unique. Producers do try to bring a box solution to the market, but they still cannot get by without having a designer and integrator.


Can you finish with one more good piece of advice?

ACHB_AVMEDIA_projekt-My only advice for those potentially interested in smart home is “leave it in the hands of the professionals”. There are a relatively large number of those on the market who will nod to you without hesitation and draw you in with promises. In my practice I have encountered users who became hostages in their own home, because the suppler either cheated them or the business went under. Nobody is there to take care of them.

Take your time when selecting a partner. Visit its company and showroom, study its Web presentation and references. Check to see how long it has been on the market. All of this will tell you plenty, and your resulting picture will come together. You have to feel that your supplier is listening to what you tell him in confidence.


David Jakubec, CTS
AV MEDIA, a.s.






Certification CTS (Certified Technology Specialist

The CTS Certificate is issued by the association  InfoComm, which associates companies and individuals in the field of AV/IT. By this certificate, the holder proves a certain level of knowledge in the field, which is verified by a demanding test in English. The certificate must be renewed every 3 years.

In AV MEDIA, a.s. there are over 30 professionals with CTS certification, making it a sought-after partner for organizations that require this training when selecting an AV/IT integrator.