logo_petitatelierThe family home was designed as a ground floor house in minimalist style with emphasis on maximum comfort and convenience of the future users. The main living room, the heart of the home, is designed with a high ceiling. From the exterior, the building therefore gains segmentation, and the relatively large material of the home is separated into several partial materials.

A very determining element when designing was the need during implementation of the new home to preserve the existing family home, which builders will live in until it is time to move into the new home. The resulting shape then had to respect the builder’s given limitation.

The builder’s requirement was maximum comfort in using the structure. The house should mainly bring the owner happiness, and if possible as little maintenance burden as possible. The intelligent electrical installation was the logical result of this requirement. The intelligent system provides comfort and safety in living, decreases the time necessary for managing all technologies and provides a tool for decreasing energy costs.

It is always an advantage when the client understands the given issue. But more important is for the architect or designers to know about an intelligent electrical installation and would be capable of familiarizing its clients with the given issue, and if they are interested, to adequately integrate the intelligent electrical installation into their project.

We have talked with the builder since the beginning about providing the home with an intelligent electrical installation. This enabled us during the design phase to expect installation of a large number of automated systems, which will be easily controlled centrally. So the size of the window space in terms of shading was no longer a limiting factor. When designing the interior, it was no longer necessary to keep in mind the number of lighting circuits, which in a standard electrical installation mean a significant growth in the number of switches and confusion in their use. The given integration of all functions of the home into one system then provides their mutual interaction both amongst themselves and in relation to the user of the home.


Ing. Jan Beneš
petit atelier s.r.o.